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Latency Labs is a full-stack web3 consultancy firm. Assisting clients with their Web3 projects, from start to finish on all fronts.

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Latency Labs

Latency Labs was founded in 2021, as the NFT markets became bigger and stronger. More and more lower quality smart contracts were causing network congestion, high gas prices and exploits. Latency Labs created the first ever anti bot solution and solved the gas war problem.


With more than 4 years of Solidity experience, including 5 years of React experience, Latency Labs offers a full-stack solution.


Our Services

We offer smart contract development for ERC721 (NFTs), ERC20 (Tokens), staking, defi yield projects and much more.


Smart Contracts

We offer fully tested and gas optimized smart contract development for ERC721 (NFTs), ERC20 (Tokens), staking, defi yield projects and much more. Anything required, Latency Labs can provide.


Web3 Integration

Latency Labs offers Web3 integration directly into your website, for minting, staking, defi yield farms, airdrops, claiming contracts. Our professional React developers will guide you through your project.


React Development

No site yet? Don't worry, our professional React developers can build your website from scratch given a design. It can also be tied together with our Web3 integration services, alongside our smart contracts.


Missing a Design

Our professional designers can assist you in designing a Web3 user friendly and beautiful looking page matching the theme of your project. Our React services can be tied together and also build the site at the same time.


Quick Questions

Pricing depends on the service required. As client's needs vary from project to project, please contact us to learn more, or simply for a quote, at [email protected]

While most of our clients operate on the Ethereum blockchain, we are experienced and offer development on other EVM chains, such as Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche.

Absolutely! We have vast experience in custom blockchain solutions and are always up for a challenge!

Yes, we do! We have hands-on experience with both PNG/JPEG image layering and Photoshop layer generation techniques. We also offer a provably fair and transparent metadata generation, leaving your end customers satisfied.


Meet Our Team


Senior Solidity Engineer


Solidity and Web3 Engineer


Senior full-stack Engineer


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